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Energy balancing Powerful and Relaxing

Find your balance and reclaim your natural state of wellness.

Through the study of quantum physics, it has been long accepted and understood that everything has a vibrational frequency. What does this mean for human beings? Are we objects of random frequencies totally out of our control, or are we in the driver’s seat? Can we determine our frequency? If we can control our frequency, how does that translate into our day to day lives? Health and wellbeing is our natural state. When life’s contrasts hit us from every direction the energetic flow can get out of balance, which will result in stress and disease. Like a stream of water, energy will take the path of least resistance, but when there are many obstacles in the way, the river gets rough. Getting back in balance is key.

Let us work together with you to witness your greatness as you learn to trust your natural state of wellbeing and get back into energetic balance.

Energy Balancing is like a massage from the inside. There are several service options available for you.

In person sessions: Remote sessions:
60 min: $120.00 60 min: $100.00
30 Min $60.00 30 Min $50.00
15 Min $30.00 15 Min $25.00

About remote sessions: The revolutionary insight of Einstein’s discovery of the relativity of space and time tells us that matter and energy are not only interrelated, but they are equivalent. What is faster than the speed of light? The speed of thought. Energy can travel through the *ethers and be felt whether you are within feet of each other or miles away.

* The Ethers – The Ethers can be described as the space between particles. Just like sound waves and radio transmissions travel easily through this space so can thought energy waves/transmissions.

 Call us at Universal Greatness for more information and to schedule your session. The number to reach us at is 626-590-5309.

Energy Sessions

60 minutes- in person

60 minutes - remote

30 minutes – In person

30 minute – remote

15 min – In person

15 minute – remote