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Greatness in the making This page is a special insight to a book in the making

I will be posting sections of the book here

When I was 7 or 8 years old I went to a carnival with my father and they had a booth where you can make your own buttons. I was so excited. I sat down and decorated my button with the words “Danielle the Great.” I wore that button with such pride and it has since become a term of endearment between me and my father. He writes “To Danielle the Great” on birthday cards and notes. I went home that day with my Great button and my older sister teased me. I ignored her because what do big sisters know anyway –right? I wore my button to school only to be taunted by my classmates. I was told I am not great and ridiculed as being “stuck up.” I don’t even remember when I threw my beloved “Danielle the Great” button out, but I did. At what point did you discard your greatness? You may not remember, but can you wear your greatness button with confidence? Even all these years later I have a great reserve in calling my next book “Danielle the Great.” Who would even want to read a book like that? I would like to explore with you the great wonders of our world, how our amazing and complex minds work through psychology, biology and even the physics of it all on a molecular level.

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