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AboutUncompromising Quality and Standards

Universal Greatness believes in the natural flow of wellness. It is through our own limiting beliefs that we pinch off our natural flow, which creates negative emotions and disease. While there are as many limiting beliefs as you can possibly create or imagine, we believe there is one essential belief at the core. Worthiness; If you do not remember your total worthiness, you will be limited, stuck and/or flat out sick. We are devoted to being a part of your journey back to your greatness, health and happiness. Be a part of the newest techniques, cutting-edge research and a community of people ready to grow with the inevitable expansion/evolution that is taking us to new heights in conscious awareness and reclaim our greatness.


"I true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination"

-Albert Einstein

"It's all about our power to focus consciousness, which is the great secret of some of our most ancient and cherished tradition"

-Gregg Braden