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At Universal Greatness, we're happy to provide free information. Call us today at 626-590-5309.

Universal Greatness

While it is possible, it's not likely. A single massage will have massive benefits, but the best course for dealing with chronic pain is to plan on several sessions for your personal masseuse to evaluate your condition and develop a massage treatment plan.

  • To set up a massage consultation, call us at 626-590-5309.

At Universal Greatness, all of our masseuses are trained experts. As such, all are able to perform a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing prenatal massage and are happy to help expecting mothers in our local area.

  • Learn more about prenatal massages here or dial 626-590-5309 to speak to us directly.

Most people know acupuncture from the movies, but the truth is that this unique Eastern discipline is accepted as legitimate medical practice in many locations. At Universal Greatness, your acupuncture comes for a highly experienced expert.

  • Dial 626-590-5309 to book a relaxing acupuncture session today!

Running a marathon can take a lot out of your body and wreak havoc on your muscles. Our sports massage services in Pasadena are a great way to minimize recovery time and have you back to training quickly.

  • For after-marathon sports massages, it's best to book in advance. Call us at 626-590-5309.

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Our relaxing and comfortable location is the best place in town for a rejuvenating massage or acupuncture service. The Universal Greatness Team , Pasadena.